The Apple watch is here!… The only smartwatch which is fully integrated with iOS. Having one of the best interfaces and user experiences, this watch is a true classic. Check your important notifications, reply to messages and emails, use Siri, store and listen to music, take phone calls (inbuilt mic and speaker), navigate on maps and track all your activities. If you have an iPhone, this could be the smart watch for you!

Please note that the Apple watch is compatible with all iPhone 5 and later models and may require you to update to the latest OS.

Please note that other iOS compatible watches (synced through Android Wear on the iPhone) may have limited functionality as compared to whats possible when paired with an Android phone.

The Apple watch costs Rs. 35,000 to buy (sport aluminium model 42MM) but you can get it for as little as:

Rs. 1,300 for a weekend/ 2 days
Rs. 2,360 for a week
Rs. 5,070 for 2 weeks
Refundable deposit: Rs. 4,000 only and minimum rental 2 Days.

All prices are inclusive of delivery and prorated for the exact amount of days you rent.

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