Library on demand! This one is for those who love to read but cannot bring themselves to move to an e-reader because they love their physical books too much!. Here is a chance to experience first hand what its like to own your very own Kindle.

On your next business trip or family vacation, rent and carry a Kindle along instead of carrying heavy books that will take up precious space and weight in your luggage.This Kindle costs over Rs. 11,000/. But you can get the Kindle for as little as:

 Rs. 1,000 for a weekend/ 2 days
 Rs. 1,770 for a week
 Rs. 2,240 for 2 weeks
 Rs. 4,130 for a month
Refundable deposit: Rs. 2,000 only and minimum rental 2 Days.
All prices are inclusive of delivery and prorated for the exact amount of days you rent.