IMG-20160314-WA0027Just RENTertainment

Why can’t we have it all….., the latest smart phone coupled with a smart watch, the latest fitness bands, a DSLR or Go-Pro ?????

Well at RENTertainment we believe life is too short & hectic to make difficult choices on the spur of the moment. RENTertainment allows you to rent the latest trends before you pool in your hard earnings to buy the same !!!!

Now when you want something, don’t think, just RENTertainment it !   We make rentals super exiting :
  • Latest Gadgets at throw away rentals.
  • Being realistic about breakage (we understand that things go wrong)
  • Being easily accessible (book via email or call, WhatsApp or Facebook us!)
  • Delivering under 3 hours

Why we do what we do…

Shyamax J Presswalla, the Co-founder of the Max Group and a self proclaimed techno freak, believes there are millions out there like him who have the urge to buy the latest gizmos and experiment with new technology. The idea of RENTertainment is to allow the millions out there to fulfill this urge and make a concrete decision about buying a product after having tested it !!!

download-icon-button-6718537There are many reasons why it makes sense to take something from us:

  • It makes economic sense
  • It’s a taste of luxury
  • It’s cool!
  • If required, RENTertainment provides you the products / gadgets with a professional technician through our parent company Max Solutions to guide you through the initial setup & installation and also remote assistance during your terms of hire.

Try it before you buy it (Confused which fitness band or smartwatch to buy… Use and try them first!)